September Focus: Learning Skills~Ontario Provincial Report Card - Grade 5 & 6 We Can Change the World
Report cards have been revamped for the 2010-2011 school year. Six key learning skills for success have been targeted. We will explore the ways in which students can develop and use these skills to help them succeed, both in their studies and in their future life endeavors.
A list of the targeted skills and some associated sample behaviours is attached below.  It would be beneficial to review and discuss the skills with your child and help him/her establish habits and routines that support the development of these essential learning skills. 

"The development of learning skills and work habits needed to succeed in school and in life begins early in a child’s schooling. As students move through the grades, they develop and then consolidate their learning skills and work habits in preparation for postsecondary education and the world of work."

These expectations are designed to help students develop a positive sense of self, use coping and management skills, monitor their own progress develop and maintain healthy relationships, and use critical and creative thinking processes as they set goals, make decisions, and solve problems. These skills.... will help students succeed in school and throughout their lives."

Growing Success: Assessment , Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools 2010
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